Khawar Construction Company (KCC)

Through a constructive vision aimed at contributing to Afghanistan’s re- construction and economic development, Khawar Construction Company (KCC) as a private independent company initiated a significant investment in a very critical situation. Years ago, it laid the foundation for the future Kabul New City, which is currently being implemented in the area, by launching the first modern township under the name of “Green Town” in its own property in the desert of Deh Sabz. The goal was to transform Deh Sabz ( literally, the green village) into Green Town and later into a green capital or city, which now lies at the heart of the recently planned Kabul New City Mega Project.

leveraging its unique experience of investing and working in a politically and economically unstable environment, challenging in terms of security, and deeply traditional from a cultural perspective,  Khawar demonstrated sincere engagement in the country and remained committed to contributing to the development of New Kabul and a new Afghanistan.

In line with this spirit, KCC partnered with the government of Afghanistan to implement parcel B of the first phase of Kabul New City. This project will initially cover an area of 250 Hectares encompassing residential, commercial, sport, recreational and other zones, as well as standard infrastructure.

District 19th, Deh Sabz, Baba Quchqar Road, Parcel 2.8 Office, Kabul Afghanistan
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